Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Its Always Changing

As I write these words today it is an amazing 61 degrees outside!  After a warm summer these temperatures feel great!  The chill in the air signals that a change is on the way, and fall has arrived.  I absolutely love this time of year, the array of colors in the trees, the crisp mornings, the feel of a warm drink on a cool day.  As with any change of season it seems that there are lessons for us to learn as we observe creation.  I can’t help but notice that as the leaves begin to fall the trees do not hang on with dear life but rather release.  I was thinking about that concept this morning.  The trees do not hold to the leaves of the past year but instead let them go.   Despite the fact that they will be bear, despite the fact that they have no clue how cold or mild the winter might be.  Instead without any effort to retain they release their coverings.  Perhaps the trees know that if they do not release the dying leaves they can never be prepared for the new growth that will take place in the spring?

The lesson in my life in this season of fall is to learn to release that which I can’t control.  Now that is easier said than done!  Having stated that confession up front, I will go on to say that it is necessary for new emotional, spiritual, and physical growth.  Letting go of something or someone is so hard.  Indeed there are times that we do not need to do so, but many times it is in the letting go of what we cannot control that we find hope.  It is in the releasing that we are opened up for the new things that God may be bringing into our lives.  What a tragedy it would be for the trees to hold on to all of their leaves!  For if they were unwilling to release the dying leaves of fall they would never be allowed to showcase the beauty and hope of spring.  Such is the case in our lives, we trust that the God who brings us to the places that we must release, will give us the help to do so, and will also be the same God who restores and makes all things new!



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