Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Motivation Part II

Largest weight picture! 2008

To pick up on the last entry, here are parts 3 and 4 of my starting point. The third aspect in my motivation came after my return home from the transforming trip to California. I was ready to make a change emotionally and physically. This was so important in what lead to what happened next. My place of employment had just started a wellness program, and there was a new emphasis on how to help employees feel better and live a more healthy life. Part of my employer's plan was negotiating a reduced monthly fee at one of our local gyms. Fortunately for me, this was achieved, and a group of employees and I went together to sign up. This was the first of many trips inside Lifestyle Wellness and Spa. Signing up at the gym sounds simple and really didn't take that much effort right? Well for me, that was not the case. I knew that I needed to do SOMETHING, to bring about this change that I desperately needed but I was unsure where to start. I hoped that by paying a monthly fee I would be more motivated to use the facilities and get on track to wellness. The idea of the gym was intimating for me. I was extremely overweight, which in itself was embarrassing, but now I was going to a place focused on fitness and I was very unfit. I had the wrong perception of the gym. I had supposed that it was a place where everyone was fit and at their ideal weight. I felt that they only went there to maintain. For some, this is true, but for many of us there, it is not true. The fear I had that I would be looked down upon or judged was far from reality. Thankfully, I found a warm reception, and as I made gradual progress, I found great encouragement from those around me. Being a part of Lifestyles was an important part of my progress.

The fourth and final factor in my change came from someone who I decided would be a major part of any success that I would attain. I felt that if I was going to make significant progress, I needed an experienced guide, a coach to help me navigate the long, hard journey ahead. Right after I joined the gym, I sought a personal trainer to complete the combination. Lifestyles has wonderful personal trainers on their staff, and I have been fortunate to experience this first hand! For the first few months, I worked with Marty Barabas who helped me begin to understand how our bodies work best when we use proper alignment. We also focused on the importance of increasing the heart rate in cardiovascular exercise. Marty realized, and helped me realize, that I needed a major overhaul on not only what I ate, but how I ate. He set me up with a different trainer who had an enormous wealth of knowledge concerning both proper diet and physical exercise. In December 2008, Mandy Huffman became a part of my wellness journey. I have a hard time putting this into words because Mandy was and is more than my personal trainer, she was/is exactly who I needed to be my coach. No one besides God, has directly impacted my health and weight loss like Mandy has. To say I am thankful to and for her is not enough. It has been through her knowledge and dedication to me and my health that I have attained and am attaining my wellness goals. I found the coach I needed to keep me accountable and to advise me on a complete lifestyle change. It has been through my conversations with Mandy that I have transformed my food choices (which we will talk about in later posts). I am a walking example of what clean wholesome food and exercise can accomplish, With Mandy's help I have lost 209 pounds and I am still going!

It is amazing what has happened in my life since July 2008. I will give you no illusion, this has been the hardest work of my LIFE! Nevertheless success can come and it can come to you when you are willing to work and work hard. I am excited about this website. I am so grateful for all of you who take the time read my thoughts and share in my story. I think there will be some good stuff coming on this site. As you have read, Mandy Huffman has been a major part of my success and she has agreed to write here as well, from time to time. I am so excited that you will get to hear first hand some of the great information that has helped change my life. In the next few weeks Mandy will post about personal training and how important it is that you find the right fit for your needs. This is going to be great! Much love to you all and your comments, Twitter messages, and Facebook posts continue to encourage me more than you will ever know!

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