Monday, February 27, 2012

Change part 2

Last time I was talking about how positive change can cause problems with the people who we are closet with in our life. Today I want to briefly discuss ways in which this can show up in our relationships. This behavior can show up in many ways but here are a couple ways:

1. Jealousy-
sometimes friends and family can be jealous of the fact that we are making
strides in our goals. This does not mean that they are not happy for us and are
not genuinely glad that we are making progress, but nonetheless jealously can
crop in and may be revealed in snide remarks. Our friends can often say things like "well, I wish we could go get milkshakes.. but I guess you can never have that again!" Ok first that statement is untrue; yes we can have milkshakes but not every day or every week!! :)

2. Fear- Often times people we care about can become fearful in the wake of our changes. Actually, I think jealousy is rooted in fear but nonetheless, our loved ones can become fearful. Perhaps we fear losing connections with the people we love? Perhaps we fear being forgotten as someone pursues new activities such as exercise and fitness. Perhaps we fear that we may be challenged to change our self??

Indeed we are all in this together, both those who are on the journey to healthy change and those who walk along side us and those who cheer us on. There are many pitfalls along the way for both us and those who encourage and stand with us. When you make big changes to your life and lifestyle it will not be easy and there will be challenges in your relationships on all fronts. Keep the course my friends I promise, it will be worth it!!

Till next time...

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