Friday, January 28, 2011

Spice it up!!

Hi everyone I hope you have had a wonderful week. We are getting ready to close out January and that means we are getting closer to spring, well at lest I can see the glass half full right? :) If you are living in the south I hear we may see highs in the 60's this weekend!!! I intend to get out and get some vitamin D and exercise this weekend and I hope that you can do the same. Take a walk or stroll, moving is good for the body and the soul!

As we close out the month I wonder how you are doing on your goals? Maybe you are right on track and maybe there have been some bumps in the road either way you can still do this! One of the obstacles that people face is getting bored with their food choices. If you are going to stick with this lifestyle change thing, then you have to get creative. That's right, you have the right to be innovative when it comes to how you prepare your food!! One of the great joys I have found in the last two and half years is learning all these new ways to prepare food. I have found some great substitutes for my old favorites and then there have been times that my experiments have not turned out so well. The story of my attempt at making "healthy" chocolate no bake cookies has become folklore amongst the family. Then there has been success, such as when I took a suggestion from a friend and found that plain strained Greek yogurt works great as a substitute for sour cream! You should try it, it really is good.

I challenge you, look for ways to make new "favorite" dishes. Will it taste exactly like the fried additive filled concoction that you were used to? Of course not, but you will find that your body will love you for filling it with healthy nutrients. Before long you will be surprised to find that you will start craving the new healthy dishes that you are creating!! Don't sabotage your hard work and commitment by getting bored with the same old food. Fill the cabinets with wholesome ingrediants and get in that kitchen and work your magic. Remember if you need a taster I'm just an email away :)
Till next time... Travis


Cortney said...

Travis, this past week I was really craving chocolate and ended up giving in and making cupcakes. But the thing is, my body felt horrible after eating them after getting use to healthier foods. At least now I know that the temptation isn't worth it!

tsmithnc said...

That is so true Cortney! I have been there many times. The good news is, like you said, you can tell how you feel when you eat the cupcakes. That is great because you are more in tune with your body. Fill it with good food and you feel better.