Saturday, January 1, 2011

Easy as 123

OK here we are in 2011. You made it through the weekend so how are those resolutions going? Maybe you had a few hiccups.. no big deal. You are so much more than one day, besides your goals will not be made or lost in the work of one day or weekend. The work you are beginning is about a change in the way you live!

I wanted to start the week off with another ingredient to being successful in your wellness goals. That ingredient is: Consistency. I eluded to this in the last post when I talked about the importance of accountability. Whether it is your menu choices or your exercise plan you have to develop some regularity to be successful. Human nature is that we are creatures of habit, so your goal is to develop some healthy habits and the way that you do that is to commit yourself to a diet and exercise routine and keep on schedule. The first step is to be reasonable. If you are starting an exercise plan or restarting a plan, set attainable goals. Maybe it is to walk outside or on the treadmill 3 times a week. I promise as you make progress and feel better you will want to increase your exercise because you are seeing results. Start slow and start with a plan that you can keep on schedule. This applies for your food choices as well. Develop a food plan that you can live by. Remember this is a change not a one shot diet! Lets stop the all soup for a week, watermelon the next week, and then eat fried chicken for 4 days straight diet :) !

One of the changes that I made in my eating choices was to go clean and organic. This has made a big difference for me. I would say that I eat about 80-90% organic. There are many reasons for this and I will dedicate a later post to the benefits of organic. That's just one example of how I changed my food choice that was not all about losing weight. So develop consistency within your eating. Maybe there is someone who works at your local gym who can guide you on some positive food choices. Health care systems have dietitians and you can schedule an appointment with the dietitian through your physician or in some cases calling yourself. Of course I will be providing my 2 cents worth here as well from time to time. The issue is develop consistency in your eating choices. If you need help with the exercise plan schedule an appointment with a trainer at your local gym. Any exercise is better than no exercise so just get moving. Remember consistency is your friend and will help you attain your goals.

Till next time... Travis

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Amy S said...

My dear husband made me join a gym this week! I have been every day since then. He knew if I paid for it, I would use it. With the membership came 2 sessions with a trainer. I have learned a lot about exercise and nutrition in a short amount of time. The trainer helped me be consistent at first because I had an appointment to keep. The last two days have been on my own. But I made sure to make it a point to speak to that trainer before I left the gym. Today the gym started a 6 week contest. That too will help keep me consistent. Thanks for your blog, Trav! Oh, could you make the title and subtitle a little darker? It's hard to read them with the background being silver. Thanks again!