Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Holidays

Hello everyone, I hope that you had a Merry Christmas! I know I know, it has been a while since I posted and I am sure that some of you have wondered if I was ever going to post again. I am sorry it has taken me so long to post. I would love to tell you some story about how I have been out doing such meaningful work that has enhanced the human race that I have simply not had the time to post one word. Well I cant say that but I will tell you that I am sorry that I have not updated lately and I intend to do better. I know that many of you do read this blog and you have been kind enough to email, twitter, or facebook me and tell me what my story has meant to you. For your kind and encouraging words I say thank you!! I enjoy reading what you all have to say and I appreciate that you take the time to read my thoughts. With that being said I intend to make some commitments. I have decided to make frequent blogging one of my new year's resolutions. Who knows I may even throw in a vlog from time to time, yes I am crazy like that!

Now I admit I do not have the need to tell the virtual world every time I decide to go for a run or workout, so I intend to keep my post to at least 1 time a week and sometimes maybe 2. I also want to keep the words to a reasonable limit. I think in the past I have had long entries and that overwhelms me and probably you the reader as well. So after this entry, I will attempt to be brief with my updates, a few paragraphs at the most. So there you have it, my commitment to write at least once a week on the wellness blog. Feel free to ridicule me and harass me if I do not hold up to this resolution. Now on to an actual update on my wellness and weight loss.

I am continuing to work on my own health, back last spring I picked up running and have now ran two 5Ks and am currently training for my first 10K!!! I remember back when the only running I thought of was running to the kitchen :)! My how times have changed. I am very slow when it comes to running but I am loving it! I have found nothing that challenges me more and works my WHOLE body like running. When I first started, I would walk 3 miles, within that walk I would try to run 1min and then walk. Gradually I built up to running the entire time but that didn't happen fast. So, remember if you decide to start running take it slow and gradually work your way up.

My weight loss continues but it has slowed down. I am totally OK with that, I have come a long way!!! To date I have lost 222 pounds. If I do not lose another pound that is fine. I am continuing to eat healthy and exercise consistently and I am letting the rest fall into place. I believe that living a healthy lifestyle is much more than just numbers on the scale. OK thanks for reading everyone and look for more consistent posts soon and as I said maybe even some video messages from yours truly.

Till next time.... Travis

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